An Update

2020 has felt like a full year of trying to update everything and never quite making it. For many people I know, this year has been pretty crap, while also being pretty awesome. It’s a confusing time. For me and my whanau, this year has felt particularly taxing. As a caregiver to my Mum, trying to keep her safe and well and protected has been my first priority, everything else has fallen by the wayside. This also meant that not only did borders closing, and mines shutting down have a massive effect on Love & Luna, but so did having to prioritise our lives over running a business. But, as we come towards the end of this 2020 cycle, the energy is beginning to shift and move and expand. Perhaps the rest of 2020 will be kind to us?

I’ve spent most of the year running out of stock, a number of the mines I source crystals from were forced to shut due to Covid, the manufacturers that I use were also forced to shut for long periods of time. I’ve worked hard to secure mines and manufacturers that work ethically and so I didn’t want to give those up just to get stock in. We have all toughed it out, and I am proud to be working in partnership with the companies that I work with, their concern for us and our safety and wellbeing was met equally with my concern for theirs, and together we have all made it through. Hurrah!

Which brings me back to stock, as borders begin to open, restrictions loosen, more and more stock is able to flow in. Hopefully, I will have plenty of stock here for my annual birthday sale on the 29th of November. I’m starting to put together the Christmas packages and gift boxes, and I am looking forward to being able to offer a few luxe gift boxes with some fun things.

I am also introducing a new range, after almost 4 years of pure crystal goodness I am expanding my brand to include a few more things. The range is named Under My Pillow. I like to think of it as ‘something for everyone.’ My original ethos still stands, that we should slow pleasure down to really maximise and create something beautiful, magic and transcendent, but that takes work, and practice and intentional intention. Something that this world doesn’t afford us often. Over the past few years, and many conversations about pleasure and the power of orgasm, I’ve come to realise that my idealised view of how we access pleasure, is just that, idealised. It works for me and what I have been able to achieve, but it isn’t for everyone. And I don’t want anyone to be left out. So, I am introducing 2 sex toys to my range of pleasure products. You’ll find them already listed on the website.

When I started to research sex toys I was comforted by how different they were from when I was using battery-powered toys. They’re softer, more discreet, not so intimidating. And the invention of the latest craze of ‘sucking vibrators’ has completely revolutionised the sex toy industry (in my opinion). One of my main causes of starting Love & Luna was understanding more about the impacts of artificial vibration. And the numbing effect they often had on the clitoris because of how powerful they were. This was also paired with an understanding that no human touch could mimic the speed and intensity of a vibrator, however, with the new sucking vibrators there is an entirely different sensation, it uses pulsing, instead of vibration, and air to create a sucking effect. There are also some that use sonic technology, but that’s a tale for another time.

Anyway, all of this to say in the build-up to the November 29th annual birthday sale (think $35 off wands and 35% off everything else!!!!), and Christmas gift boxes that I'm back and ready for sexy summer vibes (of the impurest incantations).

Talk soon Lovers xx

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