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Shadow Self

March 30, 2018


We all have within us both darkness and light, ever wonder why we are intrigued if there is an accident?

Or most TV programmes are full of drama that people love to feed on. Or that there’s a small part of the brain ever curious about death, taboo subjects, sex fetishes, occult knowledge etc.

We are made of stardust born from blackness after all… 


That said it’s unhealthy to feed into the devil on your shoulder more than the angel or vice versa as that would cause an imbalance, where one side is embraced and the other denied. To suppress part of yourself rather than express it in healthy ways – seizes you to become whole.


To overcome this we must accept the night and the day ever-present inside us. It is said those who shine the brightest cast the biggest shadow, as those of us who believe we are all of good are feeding the ego, thus not able to recognise our own shadow self, to bring it into the light.


We have to come to know both of our alters and ask ourselves: what is our dark side? To be aware of us in our entirety and embrace both polarities we must also come to surrender and release judgment. One never exists without the other and true harmony will exist when both are equal, as they will cancel each other out to become neutral. Knowing your alter-selves is useful so that you may channel it when needed.


Our history, upbringing, and traumas all contribute to both the dark and light side of us, of which we can use as keys to self-discovery. For healing, through all conscious and unconscious, imprints these events in our life that impact upon our present.


My dark side


I’m love; soft and gentle mostly as my Yogi nature. In my light; I’m empathetic therefore able to tap into my intuitive side to read the energy of the moment. However, sometimes planting seeds takes too long thus I’ve learned not to sugar coat stuff. So I’m straight to the point, no longer diluting myself to fit a quo, simply put here’s all of me or none. I don’t like untruth and if you're close to me you may not appreciate the frankness of the truth from me.


I don’t do PC, or robotic small talk because I appreciate life is to short. We’ve been suppressed of voice for millennia and it’s time we speak out, if I wonder something I’ll converse about it no matter how out of the ordinary or how deep down the rabbit hole away from generic conversation it is, I low key love to bewilder conventional people and societal norms, pushing boundaries to expand minds.


Anyway, on another note, I won’t ask forgiveness for being who I am. I’m upfront and authentic. I speak my inner knowing and mind, which is mostly loving and softly guiding. Yet it can be somewhat impulsive and fiery too. Fire is my constitution and nature. I know that but don’t use it as an excuse but to be conscientious.


I’m misinterpreted at times, but I vowed that I won’t bite my tongue like all the others. Some people just won’t understand me in my meanings, those people aren’t for me. We aren’t for everyone and if we ourselves know that, we always stem from pure intentions and that it’s okay to let it be or let it be free. How can a separate mind understand ours? We must hope through deep connection and open communication. We are in fact all one just some may be more distant from a life to the next.




My sun sign is a Leo so most times I’m relaxed, like a big, sleepy cat. I’m also protective of my tribe, I roar, if I feel/know or have seen something I’ll tell you. Ask me anything I won't lie, like it or don’t, I keep confidentiality and secrets kept forever, unless they're hurting anyone, I can be intense and flaming, I’m loyal, yet not blind.


My physical DNA dark side is powered by melanin – Rooted in this earth,

Enabling me to be a shaman, a medicine lady, converser of nature.

Primal and deeply animalistic,

With born drives to exacerbate and overturn systematic deceptions and realities.

With hunter spirit animals who crave things to survive,

With procreation engraved into desire.

This is in my blood.


My Black Moon, Lilith, is also in Leo representing the shadow side of my divine feminine energy that can entrance in the arts, so I am aware of that power and don’t use it to seduce, manipulate or control i.e. I channel that energy to create but don’t pay into it.



Whats your dark side? Let’s start a movement!


- Char













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