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April Full Moon Crystals

March 30, 2018

April Full Moon: 1st April at 1:36am


Beautiful humans! I hope you are having a wonderful 2018 so far.  Also, Happy Easter! I love that Easter is guided by the full moon known as the Paschal Moon/Passover Moon. I don’t celebrate Easter for it’s Christian beliefs, however I am beginning to understand the importance of celebrating traditions that don’t belong to me personally. It is a great reminder that we are part of the collective, that we all have different values and different needs, and who knows maybe in 100 years we will have a holiday that celebrates my spiritual beliefs. As it is, I have included a little Easter treat! (The dark chocolate is vegan; the milk chocolate does contain milk products.)


I picked these crystals intuitively; I am still on my reflective journey and have felt the past few weeks I have slipped into habits that don’t serve my higher purpose. So as usual the crystals that I was drawn to are reflective of my personal journey. I hope they find a home with you xx


Celestite – Eternal light fills my being


Celestite is an extremely high vibration stone; it brings divine energy into your environment and stimulates spiritual development and metaphysical abilities. It stresses trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine. Celestite also opens space for negotiation and reasoning, to create new experiences of openness and oneness. Celestite is also amazing for manifestation. Set your intention of what you want to manifest, speak it into your Celestite and then place it under the full moon.  (Keep out of direct sunlight as this way cause the colour to fade)


White calcite – I am open to new ideas


White calcite aids to acknowledge and release self-limiting beliefs that are preventing one from moving forward.  It allows one to align with the souls purpose, working to guide and provide direction in where the soul is happiest. It is a reflective crystal, allow you to look at the many layers that makes you up as a person.


Black Onyx – I draw strength from my past experiences.


A powerful protection stone, black onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy. It can protect against negative energy that others may bring in to your space.  Use black onyx to encourage happiness and good fortune, it is strength giving stone and can provide support for self discipline. It is very useful for healing intergenerational trauma stored in the body, and from past lives.


You are Beautiful

You are Powerful

You are Loved





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