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Define Love

February 28, 2018




I had a rather thought pondering encounter with a wise woman who drew me to ponder some deep questions within my psyche about the emotion of Love. Such as what is love and how do we know we’ve arrived in it? Are you in love? How does it feel? What does it look like? So, this is what came to me on my brainstorm to find a definition of love inspired by this spiritual conversation.



A Spiritual take on Love:


Love is a universal currency that is abundant and exists within. It is made always accessible by source energy. It is a selfless, warm feeling that when connected we exchange to others filling them up and simultaneously welling up with this love inside of us more as it is never-ending.


Today, many people try to fight for love by stealing energy unwillingly off others like a vampire or fight against it disrupting the natural flow with walls or give it away to everyone with no return, leaving an empty soul and muddled aura.


When we tap into our higher-self and Love positively, we access this state of Unconditional Love which is our natural state of being and is the highest frequency of all emotion, that automatically lifts all frequencies around us near or far.


It raises us up to our potential from which we can begin to see the world how it is meant to be with new eyes of hope, beauty, and positivity – even amidst the chaos of it all. This is the essence of love and we know we are in this state when we are in a state of enlightenment noticing and fulfilling the Mind, Body, and Soul in perfect balance.



Do what you love, Love what you do:


To live in the state of love is to co-create connection and intimacy in all aspects of life, making life an immersion of the works that make your mind mellow – whatever that be for you, for me it’s art, dance, writing, readings, healing, meditation, nature etc. Finding in every moment a marriage of play, pleasure, and fun. To fulfill the mind intellectually, the body physically and the soul spiritually through it all.


When committed to what/who we love we then form a humanitarian connection to serve each other and the planet at large. By following our calling and endeavoring down our chosen path of education, by becoming the seeker and teacher through whichever medium that be for us, for the greater good – we find an overflowing of love, even in the situations more difficult to find love in.


That said love is a shape-shifter it looks, feels, acts and dreams different on different days because it is constantly growing and expanding without dormancy – as is all life. We should use it as our guide through the transformational journey of life to never get lost.





It’s raw, naked, real and authentic. It’s not guilty but true. It’s experienced whole body and out-of-body. It’s opening completely in every form: our bodies, our minds, our souls, our spaces, our pasts, our connections, our family, our truths and still being loved and never forgotten no matter what.


It’s sharing everything our energy, vessels, insight, hearts, spaces, our troublesome times, works, livings – to this love and saying let’s learn from each other to find interest in our uniqueness in a space of positivity and embrace. With giving and taking in equal measure. Not settling for less.



Love in hard times:


Real love takes time and can’t be rushed or overlooked intuitively.  Possibly most especially, during the drunk in love ‘Cupcake Phase’.  It’s a practice of patience within the merging of pathways for growth and experience together. It should be a harmonious ride with enough curves to make it interesting and promote deeper understanding and insights.


It is never all easy because for one to evolve toward a higher state of understanding, we must find awareness and epiphany in loves lessons for ourselves. So, we must experience both the good and bad. True love is the ultimate healing journey. Never abusive or restrictive but respectful with healthy boundaries.



Love to me personally:


To me Love looks like yoga/acro yoga, conscious living, travel, adventure, outdoors, laughter, the practice of sacred sex in a safe consensual exploration, open hearts merging as it encompasses the whole body and it’s energy lighting up all the senses – it’s seen, felt, known, heard and tasted. It’s primal and most definitely irresistibly instinctual and intuitive.


As a Leo Sun sign with Leo in Venus, my view of love is devotional and celebrated. Yet with my rising in Gemini, I think in polarity, so love is to be well-rounded for me, it has to also welcome independence and freedom without control. Togetherness with breathable space for alone time and self-reflection.


It’s liberating. It’s alive. It’s thriving. It’s sexy. It’s playful and fun. Blooming, electric and steamy some days. Other days it’s slower but never stagnant it’s always felt and known.




It’s a like-minded taste in music of the soul,

It only has room for bare truths,

It sounds silent and loud,

It’s thought-provoking and promotes open, honest, educational communication with equal parts listening and being heard.

It’s compassion in being accepted and understood for being you in all your authentic you-ness.

It’s song, sweet things and compromise.




It’s public and behind closed doors – the seen and unseen,

It’s the eyes to see that we are all the same, from source and of beauty and seeing this in everything and everyone.

It’s both usual yet absurd.


It just is.

This is love to me,

So I pass it on what’s Love to you?

I’m curious – Let me know in the comments below if you got this far.


– C


Check Charlotte out below;











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