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March Full Moon Crystals

February 27, 2018

Full Moon: 2nd March 1:51 pm


I have been on an epic journey this past month, I gave up my personal social media and dedicated myself to a spiritual practice. After reaching a point in my healing where I didn’t know how to facilitate progress I realised that I was using social media and technology as an excuse, I created a world where “I didn’t have enough time” but felt completely justified in the 2 hours I would spend lying in bed (before sleeping and before getting up) scrolling mindlessly through IG/FB/Youtube/Herald..


This question has popped up for me a few times recently “How do you tolerate the unknown?” and I realised, I hadn’t been and I wasn’t allowing the unknown to exist. I was constantly filling my minutes with apps, lists, works, friends. I was being lost.


This month's crystals were guided by intuition and a need for me to continue my healing journey, as with many practitioners there is usually an element where they are attempting to heal themselves alongside what they offer to the world.  In this time of healing, I am very much looking for clarity, protection, and grounding.




Perfect for clearing blockages within the higher crown, the beautiful selenite is associated with the moon.  Its name derives from the Greek Moon Goddess, Selene. Selene is regarded as the personification of the moon.  It has a very fine vibration.  It induces clarity of mind and accesses angelic consciousness.  This particular selenite piece can be used as a charging plate, place your crystal jewelry on the plate to clear its energy and fill it with light for the next day.




This stone was bought to my attention by a friend, she has been a huge catalyst on my spiritual journeying and I am forever thankful for her presence in my life.


Nuummite is the oldest mineral on earth, formed over three billion years ago from volcanic origins.  Nuummite draws from the energies deep within the earth and has an extremely grounding effect, with this combination it also combines the energies of a storm, creating a powerful and dynamic energy.  It allows the mist to rise and for you to see what may have been unclear before, it enhances your subconscious journeying, breaking through any barriers to enlightenment and healing that may stand in the way. 


Black Agate


I was instantly captivated by this bizarre-looking piece, with its clean lines and polar opposite colours.  Black agate is a grounding and protective crystal.  It helps to calm and keep peace during times of grief, this can be the physical loss of someone or as a process that you may be experiencing yourself with loss and grief.  Black agate is a great crystal for clear decision making and using reason and rationale.


Golden Calcite


Golden calcite, also known as honey calcite is excellent for bringing calm into your life. It enables you to relax, whilst still giving you the energy to move forward with your life.  A great piece to add to your water bottle! It helps with meditation and will help to connect with your spirit guides. Golden calcite can be used to open the higher mind for deeper understanding of the consciousness.  In the physical realm, it can also support the solar plexus by clearing any blockages that may be occurring.


You are Loved

You are Beautiful

You are Powerful




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