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Philosophy: Who are we?

December 3, 2017




I’ve come into this world with the awareness that we are all one, yet deeply confused as there is so much division on earth; religion tearing countries apart, animals – aren’t recognised as sentient beings, family is exclusive, races are actually a thing. A witness every day to so much separation and competition whether in ruling, materials, money, knowledge, status, sports, countries, abilities etc.  But is this really us or the ego? My philosophy I propose is that which I was born knowing, which is that we are all one, but deeper than that we are in fact all – which forms a one.


We act as a reflective sponge if you will. A mirror of all our past lives (which is every living thing all at once down deeper than cells – which is no wonder why parts of our brain lock out so we have no past live regression to recall (of course excluding media, technology, fluoride, vaccines, chemicals, GMO’s, not viewing the sun or living in our natural state etc.) We are a reflection of the past experiences of this life too, all the interactions we have with people, what we’ve heard and seen, touched and felt, learned and discovered.


Today, we are conditioned to acknowledge these as our own, but in truth, this is actually a stolen idea of self – taken from all. We know the past affects us, our upbringing our traumas, our personality traits etc. But what if we are not really who we think we are – as an individual concept, but in fact not separate from anything around us, simply a projection of it.


Individuality would then be an illusion, as the only difference from others is our life, path and choices we choose for this singular tiny experience still no different; but the same. A collection of all the energies surrounding us on small and large scales. We are all empathic and tuned into the same source for this dimension in which we are experiencing from all possible realms of possibility simultaneously. That means when you do harm to one, you harm everyone including yourself…even on the smallest scale. Reversed, if you do one act of good this good stems out to all and returns to you as well.


We’re all related. Study your blood line and you will notice that. Study the true history of your culture you begin to see that what your ‘culture’ is built upon is simply borrowed from all around the world and outside of this world. Look into different religions/belief systems and see they tell a similar story – which connects up to the one, listen to your intuition and it tells you the same. Learn astrology and you see we are all parts of each other in different ways.


We exist in a space-time dimension, not as a singular thing but a multiverse of everything the organisms, nature, animals, colours we all are. Consider changing the thought away from being ourselves instead to all selves. Make your choices with this knowing, instead of reacting, reflect. Instead of treating anything outside of yourself as smaller or bigger than you, see them as equal then notice your actions change and life change. See yourself in everything and everything in yourself with this way we can have the knowledge for enlightenment, compassion, positivity, and connectedness that so many feel they lack.


Lots of Love,

Char xx






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