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A Night with Nina Powell

July 18, 2017





I recently went to a talk by Nina Powell, somatic sex coach, and sexological body worker.  It was such a beautiful night with an amazing energy.  If you ever get the chance to attend a talk or get to work with Nina then go for it, full hearted into her presence, it is well worth it.  Here are a few snippets of information I want to share with you:


1.    Let's talk about our vaginas more and give them beautiful names.  Talk about your vagina in a beautiful sensual way.  Tell yourself it is beautiful, sensual, sexy, powerful, life giving.  We live in a media-centric world where we often hear the vagina talked about in a not so powerful way.  Periods are given a big thumbs down and the media really dehumanize the beauty of the V.  When we hear words like gash, cunt, twat, it moves the vagina from being beautiful and amazing to something not so.  So, start telling yourself how wonderful your vagina truly is!


2.    Female sexual anatomy is made up of so many intricate and delightful parts.  Here are some of them:


Vulva - external

Vagina – internal


Labia majora – external lips

Labia minora – internal lips



Urethral sponge (g-spot)


Perineal sponge



As well as this, we also have all of the delicious reproductive parts.





3.    We all have a G-spot! I literally did not know this!!!!!  The G-spot is an extremely sensitive area on the internal anterior wall of the vagina which helps to hold the urethra in place, when stimulated correctly it can give you immense amounts of pleasure.  It is not as elusive as most resources make it out to be.  It is just a matter of locating it, treating it right and using it as a pleasure point.  Women who have found it will talk about needing to pee, and yes this is totally right, it is what holds the urethra in place, but when the right pressure is applied a liquid, that is not urine, is released.  The way to find it? Practice makes perfect.  Really get to know your vagina, treat yourself gently and take your pleasure slowly.


4.    Communication is the key!  We are all different and we seek our pleasure differently.  When you’re being intimate with your Lover make sure you communicate with them what you like and what you want.  As a generalisation men go from genitals and work out to the body, whilst women go from the body and work in towards the genitals.  Keep this in mind when you are getting intimate with your babe, we will often go at sex the way we want to be touched, instead of working like that, communicate with your Lover about what it is you want, show them what turns you on and ask them to do vice versa.  If you are short on time, communicate throughout the day via text, phone, touches about what you want for your Love making session.


And there you have it, a little summary of a delicious night well spent.


If you want to know more about Nina and the work she does, you can get in touch here. 


Always with Love xx


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