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Five ways to have more orgasms..

1. Meditation

Take up a daily meditation practice. Meditation helps us become more mindful, it gets us into the art of sitting with our thoughts and allowing them to be there. Taking up a meditation practice is akin to being mindful. It also has some other awesome benefits as well “Meditation has also been scientifically proven to decrease anxiety, stress and depression, reduces loneliness, boost immune function, decrease pain and inflammation and increase happiness, connection, empathy, compassion and resilience” (Hunt; 2017). Those are some pretty epic benefits to taking up a meditation practice!

2. Mindfulness

And on that note! Take up that mindfulness training you’ve been meaning to do, “multiple studies have shown that mindfulness training improves attentional control” (Adam et al.; 2015). How can this help you have more of the big O? More attentional control! We have the unique ability to make those orgasms last longer and be wayyyy more intense, how? Attention and control! By paying attention to when we are about to climax, and then controlling it. Holding onto that sensation for as long as possible. This can also increase the number of times you climax. If you can control it, say hello to multiple orgasms! YES!

3. Schedule

Schedule time to have those orgasms! Yes, that is right, put it in your diary like everything else. 9 pm, time to get sexy with yourself? By scheduling the time you are getting rid of all other distractions. Think about it like going to a big meeting, you prepare, focus and go into it with thoughts of what you want the outcome to be. Apply this to your orgasm, schedule time for an orgasm and treat it like an important meeting that you cannot miss! And while you are in the habit of scheduling, schedule more! How about trying to schedule one every night?

4. Routine

Now that you have an orgasm scheduled, prepare yourself for it. Start thinking about your orgasm, start thinking about what turns you on. Create rituals that remind you that you are about to have an orgasm. Like; lighting a candle. When we start to get into routines, we increase the likelihood that this thing is going to happen. Use the power of association to have more orgasms, using a scented candle every night to put you in the mood, because after a while... every time you smell that scent you are going to want to get busy with yourself.

5. Get it done

Actually, stick to your schedule and put everything into practice. No more excuses!!! Start being more mindful, pay attention to the way it feels, and yes I know, duh you are paying attention! But really pay attention, don’t let yourself become distracted. If you have thoughts come up channel your meditation practice and let them pass through, don’t focus and grow the thoughts, just let them slip by. Then get back to it, what place on your body makes your spine tingle, what feels the best, what noises are happening, how does the bed/couch/chair/bath feel against your skin, notice all of the sensations and use those to intensify the orgasm. Orgasms are not just about stimulation of your vagina/penis/genitals/erogenous zone but the makeup of the whole experience. So, I urge you, to start really, truly experiencing it, hold it in your mind, and use it to fuel the next one.

Until next time

With Love, K xxx

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