6 delicious reasons you should get a Yoni Egg

Set of four Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are thing of mystery and of beauty, how can this crystal egg help in any way at all? This is a question I get asked often. Here I go through a few ways that yoni eggs are beneficial and why I believe every woman should have one!

1. They're beautiful!!!!

They’re beautiful! Seriously, all of the yoni eggs that I have to send out to beautiful women are absolutely stunning. They are all unique with different colourings and patterns, they are so deliciously beautiful that without even using them for their intended purpose, you’ll want one anyway!

...but that aside.. on to the more interesting stuff..

2. Strengthen those pelvic floor muscles!

Just like the muscles that we exercise regularly at the gym, the muscles in our vagina’s need exercise too. The yoni egg is perfect to get some strength training for the V done. The yoni egg works by forcing the muscles to engage, creating resistance training. But why do we need this? Picking up children, walking, running, coughing, laughing, breathing, you get the point.., there are all sorts of reasons we need to exercise the muscles, the health of your vagina contributes to your overall health!

3. Control the muscles and stop bladder leakage - eek!

We need to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so we can do things like cough, without having to worry about leakage. I recently had the flu and every time I coughed I would have to run to the bathroom. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps control this, cough, sneeze, run, jump.. it’s a lot less stressful when all the muscles are working together.

4. Have better orgasms!

Have better orgasms! Yes, that is right! Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps you have better orgasms, why? How??? More control over the muscles means longer better orgasms. By learning to control and strengthen the muscles we bring greater awareness to the V, meaning we can control the length and strength of our orgasms (to some degree). If like me, your orgasms were just blips and then gone, like nothing had even happened then you will happy to know you can change this. By taking up a daily practice of using a yoni egg to strengthen the muscles you can achieve great things. User beware, this does take time and practice.. you’re in for a lot more, and a lot better orgasms, are you willing to try?

5. Increase your libido!

Increase your libido. Haven’t been feeling it lately? A yoni egg can help with that, firstly just by taking the step to read about yoni eggs and how they can help, secondly by buying one and thinking a lot more about your beautiful vagina. And thirdly, by using a yoni egg you are bringing awareness to your vagina, you will be touching your V, blood flow will increase making your V more engorged, sending the message that you are in the mood. Continue using a yoni egg to continue feeling sexy!

6. Deepen your meditation

Deepen your meditation practice. I believe that crystals have metaphysical properties that can effect the natural energies of our life force. By using a yoni egg during your meditation practice you can connect into the properties of the crystal to deep your meditation. Want to manifest more loving thoughts for yourself and others, use rose quartz, want to deflect negative energy, practice with obsidian, want to connect with the higher mind and spirit, take on amethyst. All these crystals can support you in some way, and using them during meditation will enhance what they have to offer!

So there you have it, six delicious reasons to get yourself a yoni egg today. You can find them here or if you want more info please feel free to message me on love@loveandluna.co.nz

Always with Love,

K xx

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