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Everything happens for a reason

June 2, 2017

Everything happens for a reason, my latest mantra of trying to survive this big bad wide world.  It has been an extremely interesting week.  I woke up to the news that my original instagram account had been shut down last Friday morning.  All attempts to get it back were futile and I received an email Saturday that the closure would be permanent.  Mostly people were supportive, devastated for me and expressed as much.  It is truly funny the attachment that we form to things such as social media, and in this case most of my income stream came from this avenue.  Not only was it a loss of the account, it was a loss of community, a loss of hours and hours of work and a future loss of income.


Thoughts quickly came to mind, is this the right path? Am I doing the right thing? Do I know what I am doing? My mind, my heart and my soul were being flooded with emotions, and in all honesty I wasn’t coping.  Was the stress of this really worth it?


The answer was and is, YES!


  • Yes, I am doing the right thing!

  • Yes, I do know what I am doing!

  • Yes, the stress is really worth it!


The hardest challenges we face are from the uncomfortable, from losing something, losing someone, losing a opportunity, but this is where true growth happens.  A few years ago I suffered a major loss in my life, it was earth shattering but from that I have learnt that from suffering and loss something beautiful can grow, as long as you cultivate it, treat it like a garden and tend to it.


It has been a full week since I lost the instagram account, and it seems to have come full circle, poignant conversations and a different perspective have been offered.  It has spurred me to think differently and to grow some very important ventures that I want to grow, it has given me a new outlook and a desire within me to encourage all of the beautiful people out there.  So here a few things, I know for sure.


  • Don’t be tricked by the façade of failure

  • Don’t be buried by the burden of stress

  • Don’t allow fear to stop you from doing the most important thing in your life


I know from personal experience that


  • There is always learning from failure

  • You can always find a path through stress and,

  • Leaning into the fear will bring you an abundant* life of success*


Crystal recommendations for cultivating clarity and perspective


  • Clear Quartz - for clearing energy, creating space and clearing the mind

  • Pink Tourmaline - for managing stress and supporting the adrenal glands

  • Fluorite - Protective stone, good for grounding and focus


Weekly affirmation






Always with Love xx


*Definitions by Love & Luna:


Abundant - not defined by financial abundance but by everything that the universe has to offer, connections to others, connection to self, happiness, freedom of choice, a sense of belonging

Success - not defined by how much money or wealth you have, but what connections you have formed, and your own personal definition of what success means.  Mine is about the small things and small pleasures, enjoying time with friends and family



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