Crystal starter Kit  


  • Choose between rough crystals, or smooth crystals


I decided to put together a crystal starter kit, it comes with 4 crystals which all bring different things into your life.  You crystal starter kit will contain these crystals and an info sheet.


Here is why I have picked these crystals for my starter kits and why I want you to have them in your life;


Clear Quartz is a beautiful healing stone, it is a high vibration crystal and has strong metaphysical properties.  It is great for clearing out energies, and especially good at finding clarity.  Keeping this crystal near your others will help to keep them clear of negative energies as well.


Rose Quartz is one of my favourite stones, it has such a soft, delicate and loving energy.  This crystal encourages love and helps to expand the heart, places this crystal against your heart and set the intention to speak more lovingly and kindly to yourself.


Amethyst is for connection, connection to self, connection to the higher mind and connection to others.  Use this crystal to meditate and open your mind up, use it as a way to connect with the spirit and your spiritual self.  Amethyst wants the absolute best for you, engage with it and use its power to create connection.


Citrine, an abundance crystal.  Keep this one close to you as it is great at drawing in positive and beautiful energy and things.  It is said to bring fortune to those who have it, and I believe this to be true.

Crystal Starter Set