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Love & Luna have created a crystal cleansing spray for you to cleanse your crystals whenever you may need. We believe that ritual plays a big role in taking care of our crystals, but, we know that life is busy! Our crystal cleansing spray is created so that you can cleanse your crystals whenever, and wherever you may be. Our crystal cleansing water is carefully created, each step adding to the cleansing energy.


Our crystal cleansing spray is made from collected rainwater that has been purified, it is then poured into a sound bowl where it is enriched with the healing energy of crystal sound bowl magic. It is left to sit under the full moon, still inside the sound bowl, for 3 nights being infused with pink himalayan salt, kawakawa and palo santo. It is then transferred into spray bottles with clear quartz crystals for extra cleansing energy. Our crystal cleansing spray is made in small batches.


How to use:


You can use this cleansing spray in any space and most crystals, please make sure your crystals are water friendly.  Spray generously over crystals, or anything you are wanting cleanse. The ritual practices and infusion it has undergone has the power to cleanse your crystals of any energies that need to move on.


Cleansing properties:


Palo Santo is traditionally used to cleanse spaces, we want to honour the origins of Palo Santo by not overusing it. Instead of offering it to burn we reuse our palo santo by infusing the water with it.


Kawakawa is traditionally used in rongoa māori for its healing properties, we have infused our rainwater with kawakawa to honour the lands in which we live, we believe that kawakawa offers healing energy to our cleansing spray.


Himalayan salt is often used to cleanse crystals, we have added a few pieces to our water in order to add to its cleansing energy.


Clear Quartz Crystal is known as a master crystal, it can hold the intention that is being set, we set cleansing energy intentions into our clear quartz before placing them in the bottles.

Crystal Cleansing Spray 100ml