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Frequently Asked Questions


COVID-19 update

We have all faced many challenges because of covid-19, this year in New Zealand our country shut down for a number of weeks to rid our country of Covid-19, we were fortunate enough to go 100+ days without community transmission (go NZ!!!). Over the coming months and maybe years I expect that we will see a resurgence of covid-19. This might just be part of our new normal. We ask that you be patient with us as we navigate this world. Love & Luna is not an essential business so we have many different things to be mindful of. One of them is ensuring that other essential businesses have priority on shipping. If we are in alert level 3 or 4, you will experience delays in receiving your parcel. During level 1 and 2 it should resume to normal. 

You may also see that we have a limited stock range, as we purchase from small independent mines they have also been greatly affected by this global pandemic, this has meant a slowing down of stock availability. We will do our best to source the best quality crystals around, however, we will never compromise our ethics and values, so it might be a slow and steady rebuilding of stock.

Why crystal?


Crystal is beautiful, natural and encourages a deeper connection to self and your sexuality.  We want to offer an alternative to the current sex toys on the market, our crystals are organic, free from chemicals, plastics, BPA's and silicones.


What does 'Yoni' mean and why use Yoni eggs?


Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia that means ‘sacred space.’ Women have been practicing with yoni eggs for over 5000 years, they are used to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, increase control over vaginal muscles, access sexual power and awaken sensuality. 


Can my crystal break?


Yes, crystal is fragile and delicate and care must be taken.  If it is dropped or seems damaged do not use it. Please see below for more information on caring for your crystal.


Caring for your crystal


Keep your crystal in a safe sacred space, free from chemicals, direct sunlight or items that may cause damage.

Please take the time to care for your crystal.  Cleansing in water free from chemicals (natural rain water, sea water etc..) and then leaving your crystal to charge in the full moon.  Create your own ritual on how you can enhance the metaphysical properties of your crystal.


Cleaning your crystal 


Clean in warm water, do not use boiling water as this may crack the crystal. If you need to disinfect your crystal please avoid using any type of chemical, avoid disinfectants and opt for a more natural cleanser by mixing 2 tablespoons of vinegar with one litre of warm water. Always rinse with clean warm water after you have disinfected it.  


Can I make an offline payment?


If you'd like to make a payment offline please contact


Refunds and returns

If your crystal is damaged in transit please inform us straight away and do not use.  If you are unhappy with the quality of your crystal please let us know straight away. We will happily provide a refund of your item, items must be sent back within 10 days, please email for returns details.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a refund for products where you have changed your mind, or if they have been damaged after use. Refunds will not be given if products have been used. Refunds will not include the postage and packaging costs. We are also happy to offer a replacement of your product. Please note: we are unable to offer replacements for international orders.


Shipping - New Zealand


We have several rates for shipping depending on what you purchase, shipping starts at $4.  Items are shipped on the next available business day.  Your item will be tracked and you will be sent your tracking number.  Your item is tracked and it is standard for us to require a signature. Please note: we are a small business and do our best to package and get your items sent ASAP, however, on occasion this may take a few extra days due to demand. If you require your items urgently please email prior to purchase. 


Shipping - International


Items are shipped within 3 business days.   We have a flat rate of $35 and can take up to 21 business days to arrive.  We are not responsible for any charges your country may impose due to imports.  If you have any questions please email


It says it is delivered but it isn't here?


All of our national parcels require a signature, if the item can be traced to have arrived at its final destination, Love & Luna is not liable for it.  In the case that your item does not arrive, we will lodge a missing item query with our courier company on your behalf.  If your parcel is lost in transit and is not showing as has arrived we will offer a replacement.




Your items are packaged discreetly and you will only see a return postal address on the back.


Please note: Products are not for resale, please contact for wholesale enquiries.


All content and images are the property of Love & Luna, please seek prior permission before using images or information.



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